As children, we are taught sportsmanship, to congratulate the winning team. When the winner of this election is announced, what will you say to co-workers, friends and even family who have opposing views?

Consider saying:

  • I admire your dedication in your beliefs.
  • I care about you. Outside of politics, how are you doing?
  • When I need a friend, I hope you will advocate for me like you did for your candidate.

    If it’s uncomfortable to simply avoid the topic of politics, ask a specific question to understand why they voted for their candidate, like, ‘What policy is your top priority? Listen to their answer. Put yourself in their shoes.

    Let’s all be good sports. Don’t let politics ruin friendships. Focus on what you admire about this person. Be reflective instead of reactive. Appreciate each other other’s humanity, even when you disagree.

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