Are you looking for a good reason to walk? Join my virtual walking team to support the Oral Cancer Foundation. Beginning August 1-30th I will be posting fun videos from my daily walk and providing educational information about oral cancer and oral health. Your support means a lot.

Join our team Walk The Talk or just donate. Together, we can make a difference for an organization dedicated to funding research on HPV and educating the world about oral cancer as well as providing a support forum for survivors. Please help me reach my goal. Every little bit counts.

If you are wondering about the fingerless gloves, I cover up as much as my body as possible so I don’t have to slather sunscreen everywhere. I’m not too happy about seeing how much of my chest is in the sun in this photo. I usually wear button up shirts, so I can button them up!

I welcome your support and your friendship!
#ocfvirtualwalk #ocfvirtualwalk2020

Any questions? Just ask!

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