When I describe myself as a ‘Cancer Survivor,’ it gives a lot of importance to the first word being ‘cancer’. Instead, I prefer to call myself a ‘Survivor of Cancer’ because the emphasis is on ‘Survivor.’

Cancer doesn’t define me. But the word Survivor does. Is it enough to just ‘survive’?  NO! It’s important to thrive. Survivors endure lifelong quality-of-life compromises, yet surviving well is showing everyone who knows you and loves you that despite the challenges due to treatment, life is worth living and loving! Call me a ‘Surthriver.’

I strive to leave a legacy of choosing courage, choosing gratitude, choosing moments to cherish with those I love. These virtues that I choose to embody have a rippling effect, inspiring all those who love me and though them, countless lives.

Are you a survivor? What enables you to thrive?




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