When I speak, I try not to take a moment of time having my audience watch me take a sip of water – how boring! But, if my mouth insists on being moistened while I’m on stage, I make an effort to drink water from a glass. Why?

  • It’s classier
  • Water is and should be FREE
  • I don’t align myself with any bottled water company
  • I don’t add to the plastic environmental waste
  • Most importantly,local water contains antibodies to viruses that exist in your local community

Water GlassSo drink local water. And, drink lots of it for better overall health, including those pearly whites which you want to keep!

Michelle Obama is promoting a new campaign on Thursday to promote drinking good old-fshioned water. I love it! There will be less obesity and better dental health if everyone just had water to drink!

Do you drink 8 cups of water a day?