‘Your innovative and skillful presentation was emotionally powerful, informative and inspiring, making a lasting impact on the audience.’
Harry A. Dorian, Jr., Esquire, Senior Partner, Dorian, Goldstein, Wisniewski & Orchinik, P.C
“Eva’s educational, entertaining and motivational performance had such high energy, I didn’t even realize how the time had passed.”
Mahesh Chitnis, Vice District Governor, New Jersey Lions Club
“Passion leaves an impression. Your powerful life lessons have haunted me.”
Pat Daily, Executive Vice President, Blue Threat Enterprises
‘You are a champion …and a change agent!’
Sandra Boucher-Bessent, RDH, Clinical Specialist, Oral DNA Labs
Eva could match Steve Jobs when it comes to presentations.’
Bill Blatchford, Blatchford Solutions
‘Eva’s keynote about perseverance and hope resonated at our Company’s Annual Meeting for Sales Partners. Eva’s blend of storytelling and real life experience kept the audience riveted.’
Susan Patt, Senior Vice President, Prudential Patt White Realty
‘Eva was one of the best speakers that I have ever heard. She is charismatic, animated, funny, touching, and brings tears to one’s eyes. She leaves the listener wanting MORE! Her career as a professional story teller explains how she can PAINT A STORY. And, her story is breath-taking! She made you feel as though you were at a theatre but the difference was that she was the character and her story was a TRUE story to tell.’
Tracy Mulvaney, RDH, Sales Specialist, Zila Pharmaceuticals
‘Through uniquely interactive folklore and personal story overcoming adversity, Eva’s passionate plea to embrace ‘goodness’ in life mesmerized our group.’
Joe Satangelo, Sales Executive, Prudential Patt White Realty
‘The desire to support the development of our projects have been further reinforced by your powerful passionate presentations and your clarity of purpose.’
Global Commercial Leader
‘Eva’s presentation was so powerful and moving. She could read the phone book and it would be mesmerizing.’
Rita Guthrie, President, Open Door Public Relations
‘Eva’s story and recovery are epic –she is one of those speakers who changes your life with her words. I’m empowered with her perspective on philanthropy, parenting and work/life balance.’
Michelle Giletto, Member, Ewomen Network
‘No one is more powerful than Eva in describing the human side of the story of survival. She moves hearts, articulating her fears and frustration turning them into an opportunity for growth.’
Brian Hill, CEO, The Oral Cancer Foundation


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