Why is telling your story important? Here is an example. I’m a groupie of a local band and during their break, I said, “I love you but I know nothing about you! My friend asked me where you are from, and I did not know the answer.” I suggested each gig include a story by each of the 2 singers and 2 musicians. I gave some examples:

The challenge of setting up and taking down a drum set all in the name of passion, singing your heart out for 3 hours and how you feel afterwards, what was the biggest challenge to being a successful singer.  Share something personal!

Mandalla Music was receptive. They loved the idea. During the next set, the guitar player, who speaks the best English among the group, mentioned the female singers were sisters from Venezuela, he was from Puerto Rico and the drummer was from…somewhere else, I can’t remember. Nothing memorable. NO STORY! Nothing to draw us in and help us FEEL something about these talented, professional, passionate musicians. So, before the last set, they were tinkering around with melodies while they were figuring out what song to sing, and guess what I did?

After dancing very close to the singers and musicians over many performances, building up their energy with mine, and yes, taking center stage every once in a while with some moves inspired by their voices, I took the mic…OK bold, I  know! But, I recognized they wanted to tell a story, they simply didn’t know how. 

I said to the audience: “Who has a question to ask these soulful musicians and singers?”  People started raising their hands! One woman asked, “Are the singers really sisters? And which is older?” Another person wanted to know how they came to Jacksonville. They happily answered!

After the show they thanked me and said, “We didn’t know people wanted to know about us!” 

Nowadays, we need to feel a connection with other people. If you want your business to thrive, it’s all about telling your story to build rapport. The story makes you memorable. The story gives others something to add in a conversation about you….because you made an impression. That is only possible through telling your story!

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