This week, I had a FIRST. In-office consulting.

A moment after entering the office, I overheard the receptionist tell a patient that their usual doctor was out of town and they would be seeing Dr. X, the fill in doctor. If I heard that, I would simply say, ‘schedule me for a week later when my doctor returns.’ I did not hear them tell the patient one reason why Dr. X would give them the same great care their usual doctor provides

This practice could improve patient loyalty by knowing Dr. X’s story. What makes Dr. X special? I looked over the website noticing each doctors had a bio listing their schooling and accolades, but no story depicting the kind of doctor they are. Unfortunately, this is very typical of most doctor websites.

What makes this practice stand out from the competition on the next block? What is the story that will make me say, ‘This is the kind of doctor and the kind of practice that is right for me?’

The doctors wanted to develop a more engaging story for their website bios, and add one for each of their employees. Also, they admitted there was friction between employees. They asked, ‘Could a workshop on stories also improve relationships?’ I could barely wait to show them the difference it could make.

I started by asking every participant what they are grateful for. Everyone shared a little something about themselves that the others didn’t know. One woman shared she is grateful for her life now that it is stable with a loving husband. She grew up with a mother who was a bartender, different men in and out of the home, and she never felt her mom was really present.

Next, I asked about challenges they overcame and what they learned from the experience – how they were changed. More enlightening stories were shared. One of the doctors shared her experience with a mid-life crisis, disappointment in her love relationship, and lack of excitement in the future of her business. An unexpected letter from a patient changed the focus of her career.

Even those who had been working together for almost a decade learned something new about their colleagues. Judgements began to fall away. Connections on a whole new level were blooming and they began to see each team member in a new light.

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