There is something magical in a great story; imaginations are exercised, hearts are stirred and new thinking emerges. The stories on this page are designed to be a quick, easy read with valuable messages, providing readers a motivational lift. 

  • Treat yourself to an uplifting message. 
  • Share with co-workers for a unifying team building activity.
  • Read to children at bedtime or in a car ride to promote dialogue.
  • Teach any subject (math, science, social studies) using stories.

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These stories promote thinking about life values and can build a foundation for healthy communication about living in a meaningful way.

Inspirational Value-Rich Stories

A Story of Forgiveness
This is a 100-word forgiveness story about a parent who makes amends to his son after speaking words in the heat of anger.

Think Like You Are Coffee
When faced with adversity, this story illuminates how to transform thinking using the science of how coffee is made.

A Cry For Help
We all have a moral responsibility when one person, or in this story a mouse, is threatened, we are all at risk.

Necessary Struggle
The child in this story learns that despite his good intentions, he caused irreparable harm. Success doesn’t come without a struggle.

A Choice Of The Heart
An essential skill this Cherokee Indian Chief teaches future leaders is how to master inner peace which is vital to strategic thinking.

Can A Horse Sing?
The is a story of hope. An imprisoned man’s attitude of positivity helps him to maintain hope for his freedom.

Weight Of Words
The teacher responds quickly to a student’s bullying behavior and affectively teaches him how it feels to be bullied.

Shake It Off
When subjected to abandonment, it’s easy to become apathetic and give up, but not this donkey.

Work Smarter Not Harder
A man cleverly demonstrates how to be more productive by utilizing all the ‘tools’ available to him.

Personal Stories

Oral Cancer Save-a-Life Rap – My Survival Story in Rhyme
Get informed about the signs and symptoms of oral cancer.
See the professionally produced version with NYC break dancers and local ballet dancers:
Need lyrics? Watch this version with the lyrics.

How To Pray From The Heart
When you are sick, you pray, whether you believe in God or not. I learned about praying when I had nothing else to ease my soul than praying from my gurney before life-threatening surgery. For the first time in my life, I prayed from my heart. It was meaningful prayer.

Holiday Stories

The Ugly Treeling – A Christmas Story
The character in this story has a bad case of envy which ultimately leads to a great loss over which the community comes together.

The Exodus – The Passover Story in Rhyme
It is an obligation to tell the Exodus story at every Passover seder and this one is in rhyme!