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Eva inspires listeners with hope. She puts a face to the disease and speaks from heart to heart. Her message is memorable and a catalyst for growth. Eva explores the intersection of hope, healing and giving back, while telling the compelling tales of facing death and living on to change the lives of countless others.

Consider Eva for Your:

  • Keynote Speaker Featured Guest
  • Combination CME Course and Personal Development
  • Conference motivational entertainment
  • Cancer Survivors Day Speaker
  • Healthcare Professionals and Patient Survivorship Event
  • Fundraiser Speaker for Cancer Hospital
  • Celebrate Survivorship Day
Eva Grayzel, Cancer Survivor, Public Speaker & Storyteller

What the Audience is Saying

The human side of the story of survival is Eva’s specialty.

Eva illuminates moments of grace that I will recall for the rest of my life.

A great speaker with a cancer we haven’t heard much about: oral cancer.

Signature Programs

Fortune In Misfortune: A Story NOT Silenced by Oral Cancer

As performed Off-Broadway, Eva takes her audience on a journey that will change outlooks on overcoming the odds. Her poignant firsthand account of hardship, courage and love will forever be ingrained in your heart. Eva’s story, not silenced by stage IV oral cancer, gives survivorship a voice, validates feelings and articulates wisdom for moving forward. Cast aside despair and forge a path to hope and restoration. The impact on the listener is immeasurable both professionally and personally.


  • Find humor and blessings in the midst of adversity
  • Provide hope for a better tomorrow
  • Create a legacy of strength and courage
Fortune in Misfortune

Unleash Your Inner Star

Looking for a program with more entertaining value? Unleash Your Inner Star is a multi-generational program and includes nuggets of wisdom about the value in sharing personal stories for future generations. Storytelling is the single most powerful tool to connect with friends, family and patients. Eva narrates theme-centered stories while your audience of survivors, caregivers and healthcare providers spontaneously role-play the characters. This fun and engaging program fosters positive interaction and encourages dialogue. Working together in this interactive format allows the humor and individuality of each participant to shine. Belly laughs guaranteed!


  • Promote positive interactions
  • Laugh out loud together
  • Be inspired with new perspectives to life’s challenges
Eva Grayzel Cancer Survivor Speaks

Roar with Courage

For the children and grandchildren of cancer survivors. Best for ages 8-15 (1-2 hours). Parents welcome.

Eva uses stories to weave a blanket of comfort for children who have a family member diagnosed with cancer. Through spontaneous role-playing of stories, children connect with messages that help change their perspectives from fear to hope. Using the Talk4Hope books, this program teaches children to embrace life’s gifts, despite life’s challenges. Cancer isn’t catchy, but this program is!


  • Promote positive thinking
  • Stimulate healthy interactions
  • Empower children with ways to make a difference
Eva Grayzel Cancer Survivor Speaks

My Story Legacy: Documenting Personal Story Workshop

(For cancer survivors)

Learn to craft your cancer journey story using your newfound wisdom, insight and experience to change perspectives on life. Tap the power of your story to leave a legacy of hope and courage to all who know you and love you. Each participant will receive the 12-page booklet, My Story Legacy, to guide them through documenting their personal stories, a gift more valuable than any material possessions.

Eva Grayzel Survivorship Program

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What Clients Are Saying

‘You inspire me to look at the good and stop dwelling on the “why.”’

Linda Davidson
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute


‘Eva articulates moments of grace that I will recall for the rest of my life.’

Utica Conference Participant


‘Your words of ‘courage’ are a balm to my soul.’

Ted Andrew, Survivor
Vancouver, Canada


‘Watching you feel so good about yourself, made me feel good about myself.’

Pamela Darnell, Survivor
Charlotte, NC


‘Eva delivers a powerful wake-up call for healthcare providers worldwide.’

Daniel L. Kopp, M.D, Chief Medical Officer
Faxton St. Luke’s Healthcare


‘No one is more powerful than Eva in describing the human side of the story of survival.’

Brian Hill, CEO
Oral Cancer Foundation


‘Inspiring to doctors, staff, caregivers and patient alike’

Stuart Leitner, MD
Oncologist, Saint Barnabas Medical Center


“Eva is an emotional healer. and connects powerfully with survivors.”

Loren Godfrey, MD
Radiation Oncologist, Hackensack University Medical Center


‘Eva brings Hope in all its forms – astounding what she brought to our symposium.’

Anna Ferguson, RN BSN
Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins

“Eva’s connection with the audience is unique and her message is one which cannot be ignored.”

Charlotte Litzenberg
Cancer Resource Center of Southern Virginia, VCU Massey Cancer Center


‘Humor gets us through it…you turned adversity into an inspiration and your are funny as well!’

Linda Swalling, Survivor
SPOHNC Support Group at Beth Israel Head & Neck Institute