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Eva is a nationally recognized Master Storyteller, specializing in Jewish Folklore, and an expert on interactive storytelling techniques. Eva has recorded on CD, A Story A Day, Absolute Chanukah and Proud To Be Jewish. She co-produced and co-wrote the video, The Secret in Bubbe’s Attic. Eva is the author of Mr. C the Globetrotter and Mr. C Plays Hide & Seek.

Eva was an educator in hebrew schools for over 15 years while developing her repertoire of interactive stories and pursuing an acting career. She tutors b’nai mitzvah students and leads High Holiday programs.

After surviving a life-threatening illness, Eva expanded her work to include bikkur cholim workshops. She has been the Artist/Scholar-in-Residence at synagogues nationwide.

In her signature style, Eva offers creative strategies to enrich Jewish learning for students, educators and families. Her dynamic presentations energize audiences of all ages.

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Photo by Sharon Fullerton

Photo by Sharon Fullerton

Programs and Event Entertainment

All programs are approximately 1 hour in length and can be tailored to any theme.

Jewish Tales With A Twist: Interactive Storytelling

Through Jewish Folklore, Eva engages and teaches listeners of all ages and learning abilities. She invites as many as 30 audience members to spontaneously role-play stories emphasizing Derech Eretz, Tikkun Olam, and Tzedakah. (All Ages)


  • Enhance Jewish concepts through stories
  • Improve information retention and learning
  • Promote positive interaction between classmates

Walk The Talk: Hands-On Storytelling Techniques For Educators

Achieve multi-sensory learning through reading a simple Jewish Folktale, or telling a familiar story (Chanukah/Purim). Engage imaginations with uniquely interactive techniques to introduce Jewish concepts, Hebrew vocabulary and history.


  • Gain a new perspective on your student’s learning abilities
  • Facilitate recall
  • Boost self-esteem

Jewish Rituals Rich with Reward


How do we bring meaningful interactions into busy lifestyles? Learn how Shabbat, bedtime Shema, and sharing Mitzvot can become avenues for teaching Jewish concepts while nourishing a foundation of family communication.


  • Explore meaningful and memorable Jewish family traditions
  • Empower your child to recognize their value
  • Create a legacy of your family values

When the Going Gets Tough, Who Gets Going?: Leadership Skills and Bikkur Cholim

(B’nai Mitzvah and Adults)

Intimately understand how faith, prayer, and friendship impact life’s hard times. What do you say? Should you visit? How can you help? Through stories about overcoming a life-threatening illness, Eva empowers listeners with concrete tools to inspire a personal connection to prayer, God and the their Jewish community.
View my hand-out for a high school Yom Kippur program.


  • Build positive energy in the face of adversity
  • Identify how to use life’s challenges as a change mechanism
  • Find courage to stretch your ‘comfort zone’

Tropaerobics: Torah and Haftorah

Choreograph the Torah trop symbols through ‘urban’ movement while singing the musical notes. This workshop is for beginners or for educators who want a physical method for teaching Trope. (All Ages)


  • Recognize the name and shape of the trope symbol
  • Master how to sing all the major trope groups
  • Facilitate recall through physical memory

To Be ‘Hip’ from the Pulpit Or Not To Be, It’s All In The Story: Interactive Storytelling Techniques for Rabbis

Engaging stories are memorable. Eva provides strategies and interactive tools for Rabbis to connect children and adults to the stories they tell. Pick a story, call Eva, and she will, talk you through the many ways you can spontaneously involve members of the congregation with sound effects, hand gestures, group responses, and even as a character in the story. Typed notes included.


  • Update your story making the message more modern
  • Enhance your story with role-play
  • Infuse your story with a heart-felt connection

A Typical Hebrew School Session

Parents invited to the full morning session

  • 8-9AM: Bagel breakfast for teachers with inservice workshop on interactive storytelling techniques before school begins.
  • 9-10AM: Parent workshop with Bagels/coffee
  • 10:15-11:15AM: Performance for entire school and parents

Can be repeated for schools with afternoon sessions.

  • Include a Leadership Workshop for Bnai Mitzvah and Confirmation students.
  • Include a Teacher Workshop before school begins including breakfast, or right afterwards with lunch.

What Clients Are Saying

‘I use Eva’s unique techniques for teaching Trop, because they work!’
Mark Shrager, Rabbi, Bnai Abraham Synagogue
‘Teenagers are a tough audience. Eva roped them in and inspired them.’
Adrienne Goldstein, Center for Jewish Education, Baltimore, Maryland
‘Eva had a tremendous impact on the lives of our students and families. Five stars!’
Anne Andrew PhD, Jewish Federation, Vancouver, BC
‘Eva weaves sound pedagogical principles into her art – extremely engaging!”
Evie Levy Rotstein Ed.D., Leadership Institute, Hebrew Union College, NY
‘Everyone is raving! Many consider Eva the best storyteller/speaker we ever had!’
Daniel A. Roberts, Senior Rabbi, Temple Emanuel, Cleveland, OH

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