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Eva Grayzel, a nationally recognized master storyteller and expert on interactive storytelling techniques with 25 years’ experience, enriches learning through the power of story. Eva created unique methods to involve every member of your audience or classroom in the story. She provides programs for elementary schools, middle schools and high schools looking for motivational programs.

Consider Eva’s motivational speaking programs for your:

  • Education Conference Speaker
  • Teacher In-Service, Educator Day Event
  • School Assembly Program
  • Scholar/Artist-In-Residence Program
  • Family Education Parent Workshop
  • Faith-Based Ministry Program
  • Jewish Organization Programming
  • Library and Museum Family event
PBS interviews educational motivational speaker for schools Eva Grayzel.

What the Audience is Saying

She is one of those speakers who changes your life with her words.

Eva evokes laughter while sharing heartfelt insight.

…charming vocal expression and infectious charisma.

Signature Programs

Tales With A Twist: Interactive Story Performance

(Youth Motivational Program)

Find your inner star! Eva spontaneously brings as many as 50 audience members on stage to role-play characters in stories from around the world. Every performance is theme-centered, emphasizing values and inspiring life messages. Belly laughs guaranteed!


  • Enhance values education through stories
  • Improve information retention and learning
  • Promote positive classmate interaction

Walk The Talk: Hands-On Storytelling Techniques

(Educational program for school teachers)

Achieve multi-sensory learning through interactive storytelling techniques. Discover how to introduce new subjects, social skills and life values while engaging imaginations and minds. And, to top it off, there is only minimal preparation time needed!


  • Enhance lessons with interactive role-playing
  • Explore new techniques for making stories engaging and memorable
  • Disguise lessons on social skills through adapting character roles
Teacher In-Service, Professional Day, Educator Workshop with Eva Grayzel

Putting Quality Into ‘Quality Time’

(Family Education Parent Workshop)

How do we bring meaningful interactions into busy lifestyles? Learn strategies for teaching values while nourishing a foundation for building family communication.


  • Cultivate meaningful and memorable family traditions
  • Empower your child to recognize their innate specialness
  • Create a legacy of family values
Teacher In-Service, Professional Day, Educator Workshop with Eva Grayzel

When The Going Gets Tough, Who Gets Going?

(High School Motivational Program)

Through her story about overcoming a life-threatening illness, Eva helps individuals find courage to stretch their ‘comfort zone’ and become a leader when someone is ill.


  • Organize support networks
  • Understand how to use life’s challenges as a means for change
  • Reevaluate friendships for support during difficult times
Educational Programs with Eva Grayzel

A Typical Program Day with Eva

7-8AM: Bagel breakfast for teachers and workshop on interactive storytelling techniques.
8-9AM: Parent workshop
9-10AM: School wide performance
11-12PM: 7-12th grade workshop
12-1PM: Lunch & Learn teacher workshop
1-2PM: School-wide performance
2-3PM: Parent workshop

1/2 day program can be repeated at a nearby school

Education Program with Eva Grayzel

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What Clients Are Saying

‘Teenagers are a tough audience; you knew just how to rope them in and inspire them.’

Adrienne Goldstein
Center for Jewish Education


‘You brought us a powerful and meaningful encounter with story and storytelling. You bring God’s love into the lives of others.’

Reverend Dr. Peter A. Pettit, Director
Institute For Jewish-Christian Understanding


‘I am still deeply touched by your message. You are an amazing woman; everyone loved you!’

Ellen Fox, Education Director
Temple Solel, San Diego CA


‘Eva told her story and bared her soul, touching all with her remarkable spirit.’

Shirley Lowry, Participant
Ojai Wagner Women’s Weekend

‘My son doesn’t tell me much about what goes on at school; I get one sentence if I’m lucky. However, he had plenty to say about your stories. Thank you!’

Kim Harrison, Parent
Teaneck NJ

‘Eva’s sensitivity and tremendous skill to reach out to children of all levels of ability, gives an experience of inclusion and success, while providing valuable life lessons.’

Barbara Firestone, Ph.D., CEO
The Help Group, Santa Monica CA

‘Eva engages listeners with compelling stories, weaving sound pedagogical principles into her art.’

Evie Levy Rotstein, Ed.D., Program Chair
The Leadership Institute, NY, New York

‘Grayzel’s program is educational and entertaining for all ages, captivating audiences with her charming vocal expression and infectious charisma.’

Alan Irvine, Editor
The Storytelling Journal

‘Eva spins tales evoking laughter while sharing heartfelt insight into the human condition.’

Lana Bogan, Licencsed Clinical Therapist
Fisk University, Nashville TN

‘Everyone is raving about Eva. She is first class!’

Rabbi Daniel A. Roberts, Senior Rabbi
Temple Emanuel, Cleveland OH

‘Our staff was so impressed with how you engaged students, inviting active participation on stage with you.’

Tziona Szajman, Assistant Principal
Central Synagogue Religious School, NY

‘Eva’s story and recovery are epic –she is one of those speakers who changes your life with her words. I’m empowered with her perspective on philanthropy, parenting and work/life balance.’

Michelle Giletto, Member
Ewomen Network