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Untangle life crises and give voice to inspired solutions. Eva’s poignant firsthand account of hardship, courage and love defines why lemonade is worth the squeeze. Crush the whine and surrender to an attitude of raditude. Seize academy-award-winning inspiration with Motivational Storyteller Eva Grayzel.

Eva Grayzel - Signature Programs

STORY DISTILLERY: Craft Your IPA (Individuality, Passion, Abilities)

Brew a powerful story you can employ to develop your unique brand. Vaporize the extraneous for a flavorful micro story that will grab attention and evoke a connection. Tap the power of story to foster an enduring memory of your noteworthy value. Expert storyteller Eva Grayzel will turn a stout story into a skyscraper.

Eva Grayzel - Signature Programs


Interactive storytelling starring your coworkers is destined to entertain and unite teams. Disguise differences with improvisational dialogue allowing humor and individuality to take center stage. Motivational Storyteller Eva Grayzel choreographs theme-centered stories directing interplay with the goal of elevating self-esteem and developing trust. Belly laughs guaranteed!

Eva Grayzel - Signature Programs

QUALITY IN QUALITY TIME: Story Quick Fix For Busy Parents

Parents multi-task on the commute from bedroom to kitchen, with barely enough time in the day to smell the coffee. ‘Quality time’ has to be uncomplicated. Discover how story can promote communication, develop self-esteem and cultivate family-centered values. After winning a second chance at life, Motivational Storyteller Eva Grayzel made simple changes at home creating story rituals her children cherish to this day.

Eva Grayzel - Signature Programs

ONE STORY, MULTI PURPOSE: The A to Z of Storytelling

Rolling eyes and ZZZ’s are expected when you launder a list of schools, memberships and accolades. Blah blah. Tell the story that delivers real insight into who you are, values you live by and specific skillZ you bring to the table. Ace the job or the sale with a story that distinguishes you from the competition. A-okay, Z story game is on!

Eva Grayzel - Signature Programs

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