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As performed Off-Broadway, Eva takes her audience on a journey that will change outlooks on overcoming the odds. Her poignant firsthand account of hardship, courage and love will forever be ingrained in your heart. Eva’s story, not silenced by stage IV oral cancer, gives survivorship a voice, validates feelings and articulates wisdom for moving forward. Cast aside despair and forge a path to hope and restoration. The impact on the listener is immeasurable both professionally and personally.

A perfect motivational speaker for your:

  • Conference Keynote or Workshop
  • Featured Guest Speaker
  • Event Motivation
Eva Grayzel - Signature Programs


Story is the catalyst to make connections, build rapport and inspire trust. A powerful story evokes emotion, an actionable commodity which can influence a purchase or enlist the support of a cause. Invest in the power of story; develop ways to grab attention and change the trajectory of your message. Facts alone may be easily forgotten. Instead, give them a story they’ll never forget!

An engaging conference speaker for your:

  • Sales Meeting
  • Teambuilding Activity
  • Small Business Workshop
Eva Grayzel - Signature Programs


Storytelling is the single most powerful tool to connect with co-workers and build teams. Eva narrates theme-centered stories while audience members spontaneously role-play the characters. This fun and engaging program fosters positive interaction and encourages dialogue from a multi-dimensional point of view. Working together in this interactive format allows the humor and individuality of each participant to shine. Build a stronger team in the workplace and beyond. Belly laughs guaranteed!

The best conference speaker for your:

  • Conference Entertainment
  • Corporate Team-Building
  • Educational Speaker for Schools
Eva Grayzel - Signature Programs


Nurture relationships and create cherished traditions through the power of personal story. Discover the secrets to promote communication, develop self-esteem and cultivate family-centered values by making simple changes that have a lasting impact. Master ways to enhance every day interactions and enrich your life.

Top educational speaker for your:

  • Family Education Program
  • Teacher Conference
  • Personal Development Workshop
Eva Grayzel - Signature Programs


How can a single story improve your business? Tell the story that delivers real insight into who you are, values you live by and specific qualifications you bring to the table. Show potential employers and clients the characteristics that distinguish you from the competition. Eva provides a series of one-on-one meetings via Skype, FaceTime or phone, to discover and craft the story only you are meant to tell.

An expert storyteller for your:

  • Website Bio
  • Job Interview
  • College Applications
Eva Grayzel - Signature Programs

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