Eva_skiWe downloaded an app to see how fast we were skiing down Challenger at Solitude Mountain. It’s hard to believe I was skiing as fast as I drive on a highway. The wind whistled through my helmut. I wasn’t afraid to lean into it. Despite the speed, I was in control.  So often, we are told to take things slowly. Don’t rush. It’s enthralling to do just the opposite; to cover a long distance in just minutes.

What did I learn from this? It is just like life.  Life speeds by.  One day you are diapering babies and the next day your are going to a college graduations.  We cannot stop life from happening.  But the bottom line is that we don’t want it to pass us by without noticing the experience of it.

I noticed that I barely took a breath at that speed, but I edged into the slope, and took the experience by the horns and ran with it.  Fun!  It’s important to mix fun into your life.  What did you do for fun recently?


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