Get informed. Know the early signs of oral cancer.

Early detection saves lives! After getting a second chance, patient education became Eva’s passion.

Every dental checkup should include a six-step screening. Early signs of oral cancer include:

  •  Persistent mouth sore
  •  Pain in mouth or ear
  •  Chronic hoarseness
  •  Unusual and persistent sore throat
  •  Abnormal swallowing
  •  Non-tender lump in neck

Eva Grayzel was recognized by The American Academy of Oral Medicine for, and awarded an honorary membership.

DOWNLOAD and PRINT the Six-Step Screening Self-Exam Card. Bring the  Six-Step Screening Appointment Reminder Card  to your next dental appointment.

Six-Step Screening Oral Cancer Educational Poster

Six Steps to a Thorough Oral Cancer Screening

Step 1: Tongue ‘n Gauze

Yank tongue out until it’s uncomfortable.  Examine the borders and underside for red or white patches and bumps.

Step 2: Lip & Cheek Roll

Feel and look for abnormal lumps or bumps and white or red areas.

Step 3: Double-Digit Probe

With one finger inside mouth under the tongue, probe against pressure from the other hand under the chin.

Step 4: Palate Tickle

Check for soft area on the hard palate. Look and feel for abnormal bumps and discoloration.

Step 5: Neck Caress

Press from behind ear down to clavicle in front of and behind the SCM. Feel for hard, fixed lymph nodes.

Step 6: Tonsil Ahhhhhhh

Using a tongue depressor or dental mirror,  examine tonsils for symmetry, enlargement, redness or unusual bumps.

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