Story coaching came knocking at my door. After telling my story on a main stage, a sales manager said, “If my team could tell a story the way you do, we would be hitting our goals everyday!” I opened the door by offering to work with the team. Three weeks later, the manager told me one of his rookies sold their biggest ticket item and claims it was the story that sealed the deal.

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One day, an acronym came to life: S.P.E.W. We can spew stories like a volcano, but eventually it will dissipate like ash. The goal is to spew stories that ignite ideas and emotions. How do you apply this story model

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SELECT the right story for the listener or audience

Build rapport with a story illuminating how your interests align with one another. Even if you don’t feel you have anything in common with a potential client, consider your value system and I’ll bet you will find commonality.


When telling a personal story, you are subconsciously saying, ‘I trust you with my story; you can trust me with yours.’ It’s all about trust!


We don’t remember what we hear;  we remember how we feel. There is no motion without emotion! The emotion needs to resonate. You want them to think, “I know how they must have felt.”


When I learn something, I want to come back for more. Provide value by sharing lessons learned.


One of the most important places for a powerful story is your website bio. It will make you stand out from the competition. Potential customers head right to the ABOUT page, to learn about the person/people behind the company. They want to see if your values and work ethic align with theirs.

Condense your story to 2-3 sentences. Draw them in right at the top. Then, follow it with your education, accolades and accomplishments. Remember, you are not writing the bio for colleagues. Your bio must address the needs of customers.

If you want me to help, just reach out to schedule a call. We can make it happen in just 15 minutes! That’s right. I’ve been in the story business since 1986! In just 15 minutes, you will get expert advice, everything you need to set that story up to attract new business.

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