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Date City Venue
11/29/18 Atlanta, GA Sage Dental Management
11/16/18 Rye, NY Community Synagogue Grand Reopening and 70-Year Celebration
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11/05/18 New Orleans, LA Louisiana State University School of Dentistry
10/19/18 Springield, MO Missouri Dental Hygienists’ Association
10/15/18 NY, NY New York University College of Dentistry
10/14/18 Fairfield, NJ Dental Studies Institute
10/12/18 Chicago, IL American Academy of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons Annual Meeting
09/21/18 Louisville, KY Mortenson Dental Partners
09/12/18 Buffalo Grove, IL Elite Dental Group
08/17/18 Provo, UT Academy of LDS Dentists
08/01/18 Paterson, NJ St. Joseph’s University Medical Center Dentistry Grand Rounds
Time: 5:00pm. Venue phone: 973-754-2050.
06/09/18 Athens, Greece Hellenic Association of Supportive Care of the Oral Cavity in Cancer
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05/20/18 - 05/27/18 Juneau, AK Smiles at Sea Alaskan Cruise
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05/17/18 Jacksonville FL Newcomers of the First Coast
05/15/18 Temecula, CA Miles of Smiles CE Event
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05/11/18 Vancouver British Columbia Cancer Agency Lymphoma Survivorship Event
04/26/18 - 04/28/18 Orlando, FL Academy of Laser Dentistry Annual Meeting
04/13/18 - 04/14/18 Bellevue, WA Washington State Dental Hygienists’ Association
03/09/18 Louisville, KY Mortenson Dental Partners
02/24/18 Chicago, IL Chicago Midwinter Meeting
02/22/18 Chicago, IL American Equilibrium Society Annual Scientific Session
02/03/18 Birmingham, AL Alabama Dental Alumni Weekend
01/30/18 Philadelphia, PA Temple University Kornberg School of Dentistry
Time: 1:00pm.
01/26/18 - 01/27/18 Boston, MA Yankee Dental Congress

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