Upcoming speaking events are listed below. Looking for a deal? Piggy-back a program! If I’m in your area, and you want a program the day before or after, you’ve got a deal!

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Nowadays, webinars are popular – if you want a reference for the quality and impact of my webinar programs, don’t hesitate to ask for a reference.

Date City Venue
02/03/23 Destin, FL Northwest District Dental Association
03/04/23 John Muir Hospital, Walnut Creek CA Mt Diablo Dental Hygiene Society
03/29/23 King of Prussia, PA Pennsylvania HOSA Leadership Conference
03/29/23 Philadelphia, PA Temple University Kornberg School of Dentistry
04/02/23 Allentown, PA Temple Beth-El Passover Storytelling
05/12/23 Luzerne County Community College, PA Dental Health Alumni Day
05/16/24 Anaheim, CA CDA Presents