My income vanished during Covid. As a motivational speaker, most organizations weren’t comfortable replacing a keynote presentation with a virtual one. Hunkered down at home, I got creative.

In my past career, I supplemented income teaching in a Hebrew school, making those old biblical stories come to life providing meaning for Jewish children today. Around this time of year, I often get a call from a synagogue looking for a High Holiday program for young families. I had a great program prepared from years past and decided to professionally videotape.

I crafted my script, organized thoughts, clarified transitions and wrote everything down. As a speaker, I use Keynote to show slides, video and even audio from the stage with the click of a remote. If I could create slides with a shorthand script and huge letters, I could advance at my own pace and start the music clip with accurate timing. Done!

I gathered props, picked a colorful outfit, put on heavy makeup and headed to the video studio. My computer screen was positioned directly under the camera lens. The green wall behind me (green screen) allowed for choosing a background of my choice and switch them as my heart desired. With my props on a table within reach and a clicker in hand, we plowed through the filming of 45-minute program in 4 hours.

I figured by being in the studio working side-by-side with the editor, we could knock out the final product in a days time. Wrong! Every minute of a final product, usually takes 20 minutes of editing …(Read full post)


according to Paul, the video editor. My project, with constant background changes, music and transitions, was predicted to take longer. Instead of 15 hours, it took more like 20, but the final product was worth it!

While Paul did his magic on one clip, I’d scroll through their library of animated backgrounds and music to prepare for the next clip. His speed and attention to detail impressed and his humor entertained making the two full days side-by-side fly by. When it came time to create the teaser video, he completed it in a flash because he knew the material so well – Impressive since parts were in Hebrew and he isn’t Jewish!

Once the easy part was behind me, (I say this a little sarcastically), I had to focus on the challenge of marketing. What use is any of it if people don’t see it? The program is for sale with on-demand streaming. The product web page is live. 1500 emails were sent to my target audience, and I regularly post clips with pertinent information to my Instagram and Facebook.

They say, the only way to make money is to spend money. I’m concerned about the expense and hoping in the very least, I can make back my investment. But, in the long run, whether it enhances my bottom line or not, I’m making a difference, doing a mitzvah, and when I look at it that way, I’m OK with however this rolls out.

It is also said, ‘when you need something, ask for it.’ I’m asking you to share this post and these links with your Jewish friends who have young children and grandchildren. Now more than ever, we could all use each others support.

Let me know in the comment section below how I can help you!

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