Look at the difference between my computer camera and my webcam!

The camera on most computers is 720p and webcams can go up to a 4K image, but I bought a 1080P resolution. The numbers 720 and 1080 refer to the horizontal resolution So, my computer camera provides images 1280 x 720 pixels (adds up to 921,600 pixels, which means it is not technically a megapixel camera). A 1080p HD camera or webcam provides 1920 x 1080-pixel resolution, or 2.1 megapixels.

I paid $50 for this webcam. Check out this video from my iPhone 7S (lower resolution than the newer phones) to show the difference between my computer camera (720p) and my new webcam (1080p) on a zoom meeting. The grainy image is enhanced with a crisper image and more light – a significant difference!

Is a webcam better for your virtual meetings? For video, YES. For audio, NO. I did not notice any significant difference in the mic, and it’s easier to use my computer mic.

What resolution is your camera?

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