Six-Step Screening Oral Cancer Educational PosterThis license plate belonged to the car my husband bought me on my last day of radiation. Its life span was 21 years. I have outlived the car, living up to its message: To Life.

April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month.  Ironically, on April 1st, 1998, after a biopsy at Mt Sinai Hospital in NYC, Dr. Urken said, ‘You have a squamous cell carcinoma on the lateral border of your tongue.”

“Is that the benign variety?” I asked.

In an apologetic tone, he said, “You are in an advanced stage of oral cancer.”

I never heard the words Oral Cancer before. I never knew you could get cancer in the mouth. Whose responsibility is it to educate about this disease? Dental professionals.

If we weren’t quarantined, I would ask you to buy Six-Step Screening educational posters and distribute around your neighborhood: your office break room, dry cleaners and your dental practice, to name a few.

Instead, please DOWNLOAD AND POST TO YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS this educational poster. Play a part in educating others about the signs and symptoms of this  disease so what happened to me doesn’t happen to others.



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