‘My Story Legacy’

My Story Legacy is a 12-page guide to document personal stories, a gift more valuable than any material possessions.

  • Special words to special people
  • Family stories to be remembered
  • Values you hope will live on
  • Dreams realized and unrealized
  • Advice on love
  • Apologies to make

Personal message:

When I wasn’t sure I would survive treatments for oral cancer, I wrote my children a letter about my dreams and wishes for them, my pride and joy in them, and the values I hoped would live on. Years later, I learned this letter had a name: Ethical Will. I wasn’t comfortable with the end-of-life connotation in the word ‘will’. When I looked over my letter, it was really my life stories as a vehicle for sharing my values. My Story Legacy helps capture your stories which will be lost forever unless they are shared.

It’s never too early to document your stories and values for future generations. No need to think twice. Hard copy $12.00  or two for $20. (Click Add To Cart button)


Digital Download $2.99

‘Sample Pages’