‘Mr. C the Globetrotter’

Meet Mr. C, a cancer cell, up close and personal as he visits countries around the globe. He introduces readers to children who have a family member with cancer. Each child shares his or her name, it’s meaning, and how they’ve been coping since Mr. C came to visit.

Mr. C admits he doesn’t like being such a trouble-maker, but until a cure is found, he has to keep living his life.  However, he makes up for causing trouble by doing some good. What good can come from cancer? Mr. C the Globetrotter answers this question in a comfortable yet honest way, making cancer less scary for children and empowering readers with how they can help themselves and each other.

Don’t ‘hide’ a cancer diagnosis from children – ‘seek’ out the Talk4Hope Book Series!

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Adults respond to the book from their perspective….but how about the children themselves? Watch a short testimonial from a child who read the book:

BONUS: If you videotape a child’s response to the book, we will send a set of books FREE to another child of your choice.

What People Are Saying

“Mr. C the Globetrotter” is an effective tool for empowering families and children to be able to create a meaningful dialogue and listen to what truly needs to be expressed and shared when cancer becomes a family member.”

Bernie Siegel, MD
Help Me To Heal and Faith Hope & Healing

“The talented and bubbly well-known motivational storyteller and performance artist has gifted the world with an exceptionally well-done book for families touched by cancer. Every page, every word, every idea is meticulously selected to help make cancer families feel whole and helped. Everyone can benefit from this wise and comforting book.”

Rabbi Dov Peretz Elkins
co-author of Chicken Soup for the Jewish Soul

“As a counselor who works with children & families, I found “Mr. C the Globetrotter” to be powerful, sensitive, and extremely helpful to anyone experiencing cancer in the family.”

John Pilosi
Licensed Professional Counselor, Alpha NJ

“Mr. C the Globetrotter” is an invaluable resource for step-by-step strategies for taking a pro-active stance. The questions posed after each child’s story, helps children relate to the issues in a personal way.”

Susan Toohey
Cancer Counselor, St Lukes Hospital, Bethlehem PA

“Mr. C the Globetrotter” is an invaluable resource highlighting the universality of families going through the oncology journey, emphasizing how children can contribute to easing stress. It offers realistic and insightful strategies to support families in unique circumstances. I wish every patient with younger children had access to this treasure. We consider this book to be of great quality and content.”

Julie Druker Kravetz, MHS
Oncology Liaison, Shields Healthcare, Boston MA

“Mr. C the Globetrotter” is terrific because it’s realistic and accepting of children’s feelings associated with cancer. It offers concrete suggestions to help themselves and family members cope with these feelings. The international and multicultural emphasis accompanied by lovely photos reinforces the theme. Children take comfort from the voices of other children.”

Cathy Rayment
Provincial Library, British Columbia Cancer Agency, Vancouver