HS“Mr. C Plays Hide & Seek” will be available for free downloads for the month of April, Oral Cancer Awareness Month, my personal campaign. Please share your comments and feedback! Your ‘LIKE’ on the Talk4Hope Facebook page would be greatly appreciated, too!

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“At first glance, I had reservations sharing a book about the anthropomorphizing of cancer with my daughter. Seeing it through her eyes changed my opinion entirely. Mr C. kept it light; she chuckled multiple times. At the end, she said, “I like the way you can help get rid of it and still have fun together.” Hide & Seek facilitated lots of conversation. I wish I had this book sooner!”

Christina Radzilowicz, Mother, Advanced stage cancer survivor
“As much as I had a strong aversion to meeting Mr C. personally, I fell in love with Mr C. the character….strange as it may seem.”

Ronni Spoll, Founder of Chemocaps.com