‘Mr. C Plays Hide & Seek,’ A New Book to Help Children Understand Cancer

HS“Mr. C Plays Hide & Seek” will be available for free downloads for the month of April, Oral Cancer Awareness Month, my personal campaign. Please share your comments and feedback! Your ‘LIKE’ on the Talk4Hope Facebook page would be greatly appreciated, too!

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“At first glance, I had reservations sharing a book about the anthropomorphizing of cancer with my daughter. Seeing it through her eyes changed my opinion entirely. Mr C. kept it light; she chuckled multiple times. At the end, she said, “I like the way you can help get rid of it and still have fun together.” Hide & Seek facilitated lots of conversation. I wish I had this book sooner!”

Christina Radzilowicz, Mother, Advanced stage cancer survivor
“As much as I had a strong aversion to meeting Mr C. personally, I fell in love with Mr C. the character….strange as it may seem.”

Ronni Spoll, Founder of Chemocaps.com

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About the Author:

How many speakers leave you with memorable life lessons, motivating a life-perspective adjustment, a catalyst for real change? As a professional interactive performance artist, I have stage presence, charisma, a deep vibrant voice, and a message worth your time. I'm too busy to waste my time or yours with talk that cannot be applied personally and professionally in an immediate way. I performed ‘A Story NOT Silenced by Oral Cancer’ Off-Broadway in New York City to a sold-out audience, I founded the Six-Step Screening™ oral cancer awareness campaign, authored two books: ‘Mr. C Plays Hide & Seek’ and ‘Mr. C the Globetrotter,’ to empower children with coping skills and communication strategies when someone they love has cancer, and created ‘My Story Legacy,’ a creative format to document family stories, life values and wisdom for future generations. Share this link with friends/colleagues who participate in conferences in need of a speaker who will rock the house! EvaGrayzel.com


  1. Vance Bell March 16, 2012 at 4:04 pm - Reply

    What a wonderful idea! Congratulations on publishing.

  2. Beth Greenapple April 3, 2012 at 5:06 pm - Reply

    I am intrigued by this book. I wish I had some younger children to share it with. I like that Mr. C is straightforward about the fact that he makes trouble for people. When I had cancer, I felt comfortable talking about “my tumor” to my then 7-year-old son. If he had questions I could not answer, I gave him opportunities to ask my surgeon, who was warm, kind, and accommodating–always willing to talk with the child of a patient. We were lucky and blessed. Not everyone is so blessed. Some highly skilled surgeons have no clue how or desire to talk to a child. This book is an excellent way for parents who are not entirely comfortable or able to begin the discussion to do so.

    Thank you, Eva for an important contribution to families.

  3. Karen Maurer April 8, 2012 at 9:30 pm - Reply

    There is wonderful imagery and flow to this book. You give enough facts to inform without frightening children. You cover a lot of ground. “Haystack of tissue…” great description of what a dermatologist does! The part about sharing germs segueing into sharing feelings – well done. You have done a superb job.

  4. Jolene Kiernan May 8, 2012 at 10:03 pm - Reply

    ‘Mr. C Plays Hide and Seek’ is wonderful! As are you! Allowing it to be read prior to printing and keeping the price low thereafter to help more people is so altruistic. I’m sure my “thank you” speaks for thousands of people.


  5. Kristin Pedemonti May 10, 2012 at 1:03 pm - Reply

    What an informative and imaginative book. I loved it from cover to cover. Bless you for continually helping others to face cancer with courage, for sharing the book in its entirety BEFORE publishing, and for keeping the price reasonable. A gift to thousands!
    Big HUGS to you (Free ones, of course… ala one of my fave campaigns, FREE HUGS, which I share all over the world.)


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