I was looking for an agent in NYC. One told me they wouldn’t consider representing me unless I removed the hair from my arms which was distracting, especially under professional lighting. I tolerated the stench of creme hair removals. I tried shaving often so my boyfriends wouldn’t cut themselves on my arm hair. I screamed with every pull of the wax treatment enduring the red swollen skin for a couple of days until within a couple of weeks the growth returned. Then, I moved onto electrolysis but it took forever to do just a little patch, not to mention the zap of pain and smell of burning hair. Finally, I invested in laser hair removal. After 8 treatments, the hair never returned. I wish I did it so much sooner! It was worth every penny for the many years I’ve enjoyed hairless arms and legs while saving the time of shaving every day in the shower (not to mention the water waste).

I read an article today about laser hair removal gone awry. To prevent the same from happening to you, research the protocol for laser hair removal, find a reliable and well-trained provider, and check some referrals. Don’t let this article stop you from boosting the self-esteem of a woman whose hair affects the way people see her. Take it from me.