Labor Day celebrates workers who have contributed to the strength, prosperity and well-being of our country. This is a good day to consider how you balance work which makes money with work you love.

During the pandemic, my work as a motivational speaker came to a halt. One of the calls for work I received was providing a virtual High Holiday service for young families that included stories, songs, prayers and blessings. The same synagogue brought me in to do this service years ago, but now they were looking for a virtual interactive program. The content of my program was meaningful, educational and fun! My unique way of making it interactive, even virtually, was something I could make available to everyone if I had it professionally videotaped and edited. Light bulb!

I jumped in! The final product shows the hours that went into the production Rosh Hashana Video for Young Families with Storyteller Eva Grayzel. Marketing the video (please like, share, comment) is where my strength flags. After expressing disappointment about at least breaking even to a friend, he said, “Did you love doing it?”

“Yes!” I answered emphatically. He reminded me my program is meaningful, important and can make a difference. When I consider it as a service to the world, all my angst falls away.

We have a choice about how we spend our work days. Recognizing we have a choice is empowering. On this Labor Day, think about your choices and are you doing work that is meaningful and satisfying. If not, make the choice to make a change.

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