I’m participating in a seder with over 35 family members on Zoom. (Some prefer Go To Meetings.) We need a short Hagaddah, to cover the basics without being lengthy, dull or waste a lot of paper with printing. So, I whipped one up and sharing with you, one and all. Download and print this 4-page Hagaddah. The 5th page, is for signing your name and noting the year, only valuable if you plan on using it again next year. In my stack of 30 Haggadahs, each with one staple holding 26 pages, there is only one page that is unique to each book: the one signed with the name and year of the person who used that particular booklet. It’s touching when I see the name of a person who passed and notice their handwriting. It’s touching to think about how their hands touched these pages.  I’m reminded of friends, and friends of our children who participated at one year or another. It’s fun to watch how the handwriting of my children have changed over the years, too!

Signed HagaddahThis Hagaddah includes a rap – that right! The story of the Exodus in rhyme, written by my friend Rabbi Suri Levow-Krieger. It’s so much fun! Each family participating can take on one stanza. Tap your glasses with a fork, play a drum, jiggle your car keys and play along.

While pursuing a career in the theater after graduating college, I procured a job as a Hebrew School teacher, always challenged to find material to hold the students attention. In the same way, when leading our family seders for over a decade, I’ve updated the Hagaddah I compiled to continually engage the multi-age children at our table.

Check it out and feel free to share! Oh, and if your synagogue is looking for unique interactive Jewish programming, with meaningful and memorable content for little ones right up to your long-timers,  forward this link.

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