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Stories Sell

A single story can ignite your business. Deliver your brand message in a powerful narrative.  Your brand is essential to the lives of your customers: Show them. Eliminate boring facts and feature lists. Instead, develop an unforgettable story for your business, leadership and products to attract new consumers, boost sales and retain customers. Rev up your storytelling IQ and invest in the power of story.

Let’s develop provocative, compelling stories for your:

  • Brand Storytelling
  • Sales Messaging
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Teambuilding
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Corporate Speaker Eva Grayzel

Who is this for?

Whether you are in leadership, sales, marketing or want to unify your team, developing stories with Eva can build camaraderie and influence real change.

Where can you use these stories?

Implement stories in your presentations, sales pitch, website bio and social media posts. Get out of the ‘same old stuff’ rut and help your company stand out and be memorable.

How will we do this?

Live or virtual keynote presentation, webinar or small group meeting, let’s implement the KISS model: Keep it Simple, Stimulating, Speedy and Successful!

Why choose Eva over another consultant, coach or program?

Early in my career, I worked in education turning boring history curriculum into engaging interactive programming while pursuing a career as an actress. After surviving treatments for stage IV cancer, with a husband and two young children at home, I learned what’s really important in a deep way. Transitioning to broader markets, I developed my personal story for corporate events in large venues, the impact and influence of which motivated me to create a platform for coaching others in the application of my technique’s to enhance their bottom line.

What will it cost?

First, let’s see if I’m a good fit for your project. Then, we’ll discuss details and I’ll forward a proposal. The cost will be fair and affordable.

OK. Now it’s up to you.

You may not get a second chance to close the deal, secure the funding, grab that new customer. Become a more effective, honest and engaging communicator at work and at home!  Create a story that can increase your bottom line and unify teams. Call Eva today.

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What Clients Are Saying

“In my 31 years in business, I can count on two hands the number of presenters who have had an incredible impact on my work life.”

Marc LeBlanc
Past President of The National Speakers Association

“Eva’s blend of storytelling and real life insight resonated at our Company’s Annual Meeting for Sales Partners.”

Susan Patt, Senior Vice President
Prudential Patt White Realty

“The desire to support the development of our projects have been further reinforced by Eva’s powerful programs and her clarity of purpose.”

Global Commercial Leader
Fortune 500 Company, Thousand Oaks CA

“I never imagined this team-building activity would be one of our most memorable. Eva was an expert with our introverted staff getting us to learn, laugh and interact together.”

Sun Joo Lee, CEO

“Our team-building activity with Eva Grayzel profoundly deepened the relationships among our national HR team leaders.”

Karen Wekstein, Vice President Human Resources
Southern Carlson

‘You are a champion …and a change agent!’

Sandra Boucher-Bessent, RDH, Clinical Specialist
Oral DNA Labs

“Eva left our team wanting MORE!

Tracy Mulvaney, Sales Specialist
Zila Pharmaceuticals