1-on-1 Coaching

Personal Brand Story Development

One Story. Multi Purpose.


Stories Make a Lasting Impression

A compelling story creates a lasting impression. What you choose to communicate will change the way others see you and feel about what you have to say. Together, we will uncover and develop an authentic representation of your virtues and value. Put your story to work in your sales pitch, website bio, interview, college application or on the big stage. Let’s transform your achievements into a narrative that speaks volumes about who you are and what you have to contribute.

A Recipe to Transform Your Personal Narrative

Prep time: Approximately 2 hours with Master Story Chef Eva Grayzel.  Plus 1-2 hours each on our own time as needed.


2 Cups of Organic Bold Personal Stories

1 Cup of Your Unique Character

3 Tbsp. of Plot Activator

1 tsp. of Unique Spices


1. Uncover the seeds to a powerful story.

2. Mix in your unique perspective.

3. Season it. Get personal without going overboard.

4. Knead well to develop structure and flavor.

5. Infuse with emotion for a more compelling story.

6. Proof the story and allow it to rise.

7. Bake for a solid crust and flavorful interior.

Yields: A story to serve your goals, to savor, and make you memorable.

Corporate Speaker Eva Grayzel
Eva Grayzel - 1-0n-1 Coaching

WHO is this for?

Anyone who wants to invest in the power of story and discover the many arenas in which it can have an impact.

WHERE can I use it?

Personal Brand Storytelling

Be your own brand. Differentiate yourself from others vying for attention.

Leadership Coaching

Facts alone may be easily forgotten; give them a story they’ll never forget!

Sales Pitch

A ‘Tales Pitch’ is more compelling than a sales pitch.

Elevator Pitch

Communicate your unique selling proposition faster and with greater clarity.

Website Bios

Replace the boring list of your education and hobbies with a story that grabs attention from the first sentence.

Professional Speaker Coaching

Take the stage with confidence. Develop engaging stories, body language cues, voice preservation techniques and a structured delivery.

Legacy Stories

Document your life stories to teach wisdom and share values for future generations.


Stand out among all the other interviewees with a practiced, authentic story that puts forth your best self.

College applications

Boost your chances of acceptance with a concise, detailed and insightful personal story.

WHY Choose Eva over another coach?

Early in my career, I worked in education turning boring history curriculum into engaging interactive programming. After surviving treatments for stage IV cancer, with a husband and two young children at home, I learned what’s really important in a deep way. Transitioning to broader markets, I developed my personal story for corporate events in large venues, the impact and influence of which motivated me to create a platform for coaching others in the application of my technique’s to enhance their bottom line.

HOW are sessions structured?

Session 1

I’ll ask probing questions to learn about you and your business: challenges, passions, influencers. We will dig deep and focus on the why. I will know which stories generate a connection and have potential. Homework: Write down the story and email.

Session 2

After I review the written story, I’ll suggest changes to effectively communicate an authentic message and target your audience. We’ll fine tune the emotional content and the wisdom you share, making it personal without invading personal boundaries. Homework: Revise and tighten the story.

Session 3

After reading your revisions, we will condense your story so it provides the most impact with the least amount of words. The ultimate goal is to create a connection and inspire trust. We can have a longer version for certain purposes and a short one for your website bio.

Session 4

I will provide tips for voice inflections and timing (and body language if it’s a video chat). You will have full rights to the story for marketing or personal use. Once you see how quick and painless it is, and see results, you will want the same for your whole team!

WHAT will it cost?

$250 for two solid hours of phone and video consultations in addition to several back and forth emails. Together, we will create a dynamic story that serves your goals.

OK. Now it’s up to you.

Invest in the power of story. Call Eva Today.

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What Clients Are Saying

“A talent for torquing emotion and takeaway messages, Eva Grayzel not only delivers the goods…she is the goods.”

Chris Cuomo
CNN Anchor

“Eva’s in-office workshop clarified our brand and our mission, digging deep using stories to communicate who we are and why we do what we do.”

Diane Johnson, Co-Owner
Alterman and Johnson Chiropractors

“I needed a bio for a national news outlet and quickly. Eva Grayzel turned my boring list of accomplishments into an engaging story.”

Jeremy Cohen
Influencer, @JermCohen

“Your innovative and skillful presentation using stories was emotionally powerful and informative. All lawyers can benefit from a workshop on the power of personal story.”

Harry A. Dorian, Jr., Esquire, Senior Partner
Dorian, Goldstein, Wisniewski & Orchinik, P.C

“I didn’t realize how the time passed listening to the educational and motivational stories and insight you shared.”

Mahesh Chitnis, Vice District Governor
New Jersey Lions Club

‘You are a champion …and a change agent!’

Sandra Boucher-Bessent, RDH, Clinical Specialist
Oral DNA Labs

“Eva could match Steve Jobs when it comes to presentations.”

Bill Blatchford
Blatchford Solutions

“Eva leaves the listener wanting MORE! She helped us paint a story instead of list facts.”

Tracy Mulvaney, Sales Specialist
Zila Pharmaceuticals