The Press Release is out! M.C. Plays Hide & Seek is in pre-sales on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Books-A-Million. Minimize fear in children and promote dialogue around the topic of cancer.

“Don’t hide a cancer diagnosis from young ones,” Grayzel said. “Children of all ages are intuitive. The scary part is the unknown. This book opens the lines of communication to address questions and fears in a gentle and age-appropriate way.” When a schoolmate, friend or family member gets a cancer diagnosis, children can have a healthy response instead of turn away with apprehension.

Grayzel wishes she had paid attention to the emotional impact of her disease on her children who were five and seven. “Everyone was so concerned with me, no one thought about how my disease affected my children,” Grayzel said. To mark her 10-year cancer free anniversary, Grayzel dedicated herself to empower children like her own with coping skills and communication strategies.

M.C. Plays Hide & Seek, is the third book in the Talk4Hope Family Book Series, which includes Mr. C The Globetrotter (not yet gender neutral), and My Story Legacy, a 12-page guide to document personal stories, a gift as valuable as material possessions. MC, now gender neutral in the 2nd edition of this book, is a cancer cell who shares just enough information about the nature of the disease to promote dialogue and minimize fear.

Grayzel is in full remission after receiving a 15% chance of survival more than 20 years ago. She is a nationally recognized motivational keynote speaker, patient advocate, and author. Grayzel has dedicated her second chance at life to educating, inspiring, and motivating change by telling her story. Follow Eva Grayzel on Instagram: @evagrayzel and visit for more information.

To set up an interview, reading, signing, or for more information, contact the author directly at

The secret is out: The publisher, Mascot Books will give you 40% off the book! Perfect for bulk orders from cancer centers, hospital gift shops and oncologists.

Interview requests are flooding in thanks to promotion efforts by Mascot Books and Foreword Publicity. I’ll be posting the interview schedule soon!

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