What Makes a Person Inspirational and Motivational?

'Inspiration Porn' What a line! ...spoken by Stella Young from Australia in her TEDTalk about living with a disability. Her message makes me realize that my survivorship, my attitude and will, isn't exceptional. There are billions of cancer survivors who have stepped above the changes to their life. Surviving cancer is more a norm than [...]

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Skiing at 50 miles per hour

We downloaded an app to see how fast we were skiing down Challenger at Solitude Mountain. It's hard to believe I was skiing as fast as I drive on a highway. The wind whistled through my helmut. I wasn't afraid to lean into it. Despite the speed, I was in control.  So often, we are [...]

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A Tiny Token of Appreciation

The airport employee holding the two red flashlights directed our plane to the runway. I smiled and waved from my lit window to say thanks. He waved back with his flashlight. I’ll bet he smiled, but it was too dark for me to see him. A little gesture went a long way for us both.

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