Talk for Hope: Vietnam Wounded Warrior Inspires with his Attitude

A story not silenced. A silver-haired man in a white t-shirt and jeans was going through Atlanta airport’s TSA in a wheelchair. He had no legs and only one arm. I thought to myself, how does he get into the airplane seat? How does he get over the thin ramp into the plane with the wheelchair? [...]

Sudden Death – What to Say?

My friend's husband retired just one year ago.They took a bucket-list trip to Israel. Mostly, they were planning for the next stage of their lives, hoping to be grandparents and moving to be near their children. Then, the unexpected happened. While pushing the snowblower up their steep driveway, her husband had a massive heart attack [...]

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Cancer Takes a Dad and Leaves a Family Who Needs Closure from the Doctor

I am touched by the sensitivity of this doctor. Here as an article with pearls of wisdom. WELL Sep 13, 2012, 12:01 AM The Widow's Doctor Visit By MIKKAEL A. SEKERES, M.D. I walked into the examination room and saw her sitting there, her arm around her 10-year-old son, her teenage daughter across the room. [...]

Barry The Dancing Cancer Survivor

"Are you an oral cancer survivor?” I asked the man sitting next to me in a first class seat from Detroit to Seattle. He clearly had an indentation in his neck in addition to scarring. He answered, "Close, but no, I had Lymphoma". He teaches Dance Dynamics around the world. What’s that? Understanding where movement [...]

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Surviving Loss

A heart to heart with Joann Joann needs to hear stories of survival and overcoming adversity as she continues to heal from her losses.  She is the manager of the Comprehensive Care Clinic at the University of Louisville School of Dentistry, but to the students, she is the go-to person for emotional distress [...]

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A Voiceless Message: Throat Cancer Survivor Itzhak Brook Speaks

Can you be articulate and have no voice?  The answer is YES. Today, I met Itzhak Brook.  He is a survivor of throat cancer and required a full laryngectomy.  Despite having no voice box, he produced an articulate whisper amplified by an excellent mike system.  He spoke at the David Nasto Oral Cancer Awareness Walk. One [...]

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