Hearing vs Listening: What’s the Difference?

Is there a difference between hearing and listening? When someone says, ‘Hear me out,’ do they really want you to just hear them? Or, are they looking for something more? Hearing is a simple act. Listening is an essential part of hearing. When a teacher asks, ‘Are you listening?’ they are seeking more than just [...]

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Labor Day: Is Your Work Meaningful and Satisfying?

Labor Day celebrates workers who have contributed to the strength, prosperity and well-being of our country. This is a good day to consider how you balance work which makes money with work you love. During the pandemic, my work as a motivational speaker came to a halt. One of the calls for work I received [...]

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Making Jewish Holidays Relevant for Children: Rosh Hashana

Recalling my Jewish day school years, I frequently felt shamed by my inability to thoroughly understand the content from the Book Of The Prophets or the study of Talmud. I struggled through Jewish study classes taught mostly in Hebrew. When there was a time constraint, my Hebrew teacher would skip over me because I took [...]

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Rosh Hashana with Eva: Video For Young Families

My income vanished during Covid. As a motivational speaker, most organizations weren’t comfortable replacing a keynote presentation with a virtual one. Hunkered down at home, I got creative. In my past career, I supplemented income teaching in a Hebrew school, making those old biblical stories come to life providing meaning for Jewish children today. Around [...]

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Keynote Speaker Stories Part 9: Laughter Is Medicine

“The name of the game is calories.” Dr. Vigneri, my radiation oncologist, informed me. “Forget what you’ve learned about healthy eating. I don’t care how you get those calories. Bulk up. I guarantee you will lose weight and you don’t have much to lose. Milkshakes with every meal. All the Haagen Daaz you can eat!” [...]

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Keynote Speaker Stories Part 8: Oral Cancer, It’s a Thing

When I mention to people I had oral cancer, very often I am greeted with a dumbfounded expression and the comment, ‘Huh? That’s a thing?’ My eyebrows rise, my head tilts, I flash an all-knowing grin and nod. It's so remarkable that one can get cancer in the mouth, people genuinely want to know more [...]

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Keynote Speaker Stories Part 7: Enrich Life By Giving

When fighting for my life, I lamented the many lost opportunities to raise my children knowing the value of donations and charity. My focus shifted to building a foundation of family values. I purchased a custom charity box with modern lines and accents of metal curves which brought attention to the personalized message emblazoned in [...]

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Keynote Speaker Stories Part 6: Smallest Kiss Becomes The Biggest Gift

Vying for my attention became a constant and fierce rivalry between my two children. No matter how hard I tried to equalize my time, it was a fight to make up for the weeks they were denied while I underwent treatment for oral cancer. We would start an art project, and while I was admiring [...]

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Keynote Speaker Stories Part 5: Bedtime Blessings

Bedtime had the makings of the perfect private moment to integrate a personal blessing into our routine. After we snuggled up to a story, I cupped my hands on my son’s head and began: “Dear God, thank you for blessing us with our son Jeremy who is ...sensitive to other children’s feelings...who calls Grandma without [...]

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Keynote Speaker Stories Part 4: To Life

On the auspicious and final day of radiation treatment, I left the treacherous terrain behind me and settled onto the road back to the rest of my life. Leaning on my husband's strength, we walked at a slow pace to the car. He opened the door for me as he always did since the day [...]

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