A Child Asks You, “What is Cancer?”

A loaded question!  It must be answered sensitively, taking into consideration the child’s age and circumstance relating to cancer. A friends nine-year-old son was told, "Grandma is taking medicine that makes her hair fall out." Really? Do you think a 9 yr old hasn’t ever heard of cancer? On the school bus, 9-yr olds hear [...]

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‘Mr. C Plays Hide & Seek,’ A New Book to Help Children Understand Cancer

"Mr. C Plays Hide & Seek" will be available for free downloads for the month of April, Oral Cancer Awareness Month, my personal campaign. Please share your comments and feedback! Your 'LIKE' on the Talk4Hope Facebook page would be greatly appreciated, too! Visit the Talk4Hope tab on this site to view the book. "At first [...]

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