Do You Yell At Work or At Home? Learn Vocal Hygiene

  I am guilty of misusing my voice. I'm not a sports coach; I don't teach a large exercise class; When I lecture, I always use a microphone. However, from as long ago as I can remember, I was always being told, 'lower your voice.' I never hit my children, but I would yell. Radiation [...]

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A Voiceless Message: Throat Cancer Survivor Itzhak Brook Speaks

Can you be articulate and have no voice?  The answer is YES. Today, I met Itzhak Brook.  He is a survivor of throat cancer and required a full laryngectomy.  Despite having no voice box, he produced an articulate whisper amplified by an excellent mike system.  He spoke at the David Nasto Oral Cancer Awareness Walk. One [...]

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Tongue-Brushing Reduces Bad Breath

Tongue-Brushing to reduce bad breath A study on bad breath compared the effectiveness of tongue-brushing, mouth-rinsing and gum-chewing. They measured each treatment with a halimeter -- a device that measures the levels of VSCs (volatile sulfur compounds) on one's breath. What did they find? The scientific team found that mouthwashes rated ‘fair’ in [...]

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