Tips For Cancer Survivors: Part 1

When I describe myself as a 'Cancer Survivor,' it gives a lot of importance to the first word being 'cancer'. Instead, I prefer to call myself a 'Survivor of Cancer' because the emphasis is on 'Survivor.' Cancer doesn't define me. But the word Survivor does. Is it enough to just 'survive'?  NO! It's important to [...]

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Winners and Losers: What To Say To Friends With Opposing Views

As children, we are taught sportsmanship, to congratulate the winning team. When the winner of this election is announced, what will you say to co-workers, friends and even family who have opposing views? Consider saying: I admire your dedication in your beliefs. I care about you. Outside of politics, how are you doing? When I [...]

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9-11: The Significance of Death

9-11. Two numbers can conjure such emotion. Today, I am attending a graveside funeral for a friend. Death is inevitable and reminds us we are mortal. I challenge you to think about how you end things, whether it’s a meal, a day, a relationship. The way you handle endings is a good marker for how [...]

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Hearing vs Listening: What’s the Difference?

Is there a difference between hearing and listening? When someone says, ‘Hear me out,’ do they really want you to just hear them? Or, are they looking for something more? Hearing is a simple act. Listening is an essential part of hearing. When a teacher asks, ‘Are you listening?’ they are seeking more than just [...]

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Mister Rogers: You Matter

From "Won't You Be My Neighbor?" Mr. Rogers met a 14-year-old boy whose cerebral palsy left him unable to walk or barely talk. Rogers asked the boy to pray for him. The boy was thunderstruck. He had been the object of prayers many times, but nobody had asked him to pray for another. [...]

Never Give Up: A Story Reframed

When audiences hear Motivational Speaker Eva Grayzel, a take-away message is 'never give up.'

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