A friend shared that she can’t wait to get 2010 out of the way because her Dad died in August, and the day after the week of mourning, her Mom was diagnosed with lung cancer.  What do you say?

Here is what I wrote to her:

Sounds like your Mom and Dad were connected in more ways than by a marriage certificate.  A deep emotional connection does that kind of thing when one is sick or dies, the other suffers with illness.  In a way, it should be comforting to know that they had something that is hard to come by today.  I feel sad for her and you on the one hand, and then, I’m touched on the other.  Imagine the world if we all had that!

Keep remembering your Dad for her. She will need the comfort of his memory to make it through all the treatments.  Subconsciously, she will hurt more if she thinks HE will be forgotten, because then it will scare her that SHE might be forgotten when her time comes.
Just some thoughts I had myself during that difficult time.
With love,