Talk for Hope: Foster Child Asking For What She Needs

A story not silenced. She was raised by a single mother in upstate NY. She was a 'good kid' and stood out as a great dancer. By age 12, she knew she was gay and became outspoken about her discovery, causing unmanageable friction in the house. In this day and age, there are still parents who just [...]

Talk For Hope: Given a Second Chance

A story not silenced. A story can change worlds. Mr Gillard shares his story, inspiring us with how to turn adversity into opportunity. "In my heart of hearts, I wanted to do the right thing, but selling drugs was easy. Everyone was doing it. I mean, I'm not using that as an excuse, I made [...]

Suicide Prompts Poem

A friend recently walked in memory of a young woman who took her life. I saw this poem and slightly adapted it to remove the religious tone.  Those who fight  suicidal thoughts may find some comfort in this poem:     A Higher SelfIn this moment I choose to recognize that there is within me a perfect Self.A [...]

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Talk for Hope: Vietnam Wounded Warrior Inspires with his Attitude

A story not silenced. A silver-haired man in a white t-shirt and jeans was going through Atlanta airport’s TSA in a wheelchair. He had no legs and only one arm. I thought to myself, how does he get into the airplane seat? How does he get over the thin ramp into the plane with the wheelchair? [...]

What Makes a Person Inspirational and Motivational?

'Inspiration Porn' What a line! ...spoken by Stella Young from Australia in her TEDTalk about living with a disability. Her message makes me realize that my survivorship, my attitude and will, isn't exceptional. There are billions of cancer survivors who have stepped above the changes to their life. Surviving cancer is more a norm than [...]

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Skiing at 50 miles per hour

We downloaded an app to see how fast we were skiing down Challenger at Solitude Mountain. It's hard to believe I was skiing as fast as I drive on a highway. The wind whistled through my helmut. I wasn't afraid to lean into it. Despite the speed, I was in control.  So often, we are [...]

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Telling my Story in a quick short Facebook video

Recently, Facebook made a brilliant move.  Instead of promoting themselves by creating a video about what they do, they created a video promoting their individual users! Facebook users watch the videos created about the people they care about and that inevitably promotes Facebook.  How did they do it? Photos and posts were randomly selected by [...]

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Sudden Death – What to Say?

My friend's husband retired just one year ago.They took a bucket-list trip to Israel. Mostly, they were planning for the next stage of their lives, hoping to be grandparents and moving to be near their children. Then, the unexpected happened. While pushing the snowblower up their steep driveway, her husband had a massive heart attack [...]

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Discovering Dance

On our cruise, I walked by a woman at the outdoor cafe eating breakfast. She was in her 60’s with a funky black hairstyle, a bright pink workout bra under a black workout top and black sleek leggings….I noticed her feet covered with professional jazz shoes. As I passed, she asked me, ‘Are you the [...]

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