Tell Your Story: Build Rapport And Create Connections

Why is telling your story important? Here is an example. I’m a groupie of a local band and during their break, I said, "I love you but I know nothing about you! My friend asked me where you are from, and I did not know the answer.” I suggested each gig include a story by [...]

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Tips For Cancer Survivors: Part 1

When I describe myself as a 'Cancer Survivor,' it gives a lot of importance to the first word being 'cancer'. Instead, I prefer to call myself a 'Survivor of Cancer' because the emphasis is on 'Survivor.' Cancer doesn't define me. But the word Survivor does. Is it enough to just 'survive'?  NO! It's important to [...]

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Part 3: How To Jumpstart The Cancer Talk With Children: Acting Out

How to respond to a child acting out when a family member has cancer. Help a child understand their emotions and gain control over behavior.

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Part 1: How To Jumpstart The Cancer Talk With Children By Addressing Emotions

Explaining cancer to kids is a challenging and important conversation. While unfamiliar and upsetting emotions are a normal response to learning someone you love has cancer, these emotions can be deeply inhibiting and set children on edge throughout the day. Finding mechanisms to cope is key in helping children overcome their fear and not be [...]

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