Storytelling For Non-Profits: How To Maintain Personal Boundaries While Telling a Personal Story

Storyteller Eva Grayzel’s course on storytelling for non-profits reveals how to maintain personal boundaries while telling a personal story.

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Jonah And The Whale Rap: Story of Forgiveness ‘Covideo’

During pandemic isolation, there were few distractions as cathartic for me as producing 'covideos,' or Covid video projects. The first was my Rosh Hashana Video for Young Families. Sales for the video did not fund a similar project for Yom Kippur, so I decided to produce the highlight of the video, the Jonah And The [...]

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8 Tips to Impress Jewish Friends With Your Knowledge Of Rosh Hashana

1- It means Head (Rosh) of the (Ha) Year (Shana) 2- The holiday starts at sundown on Friday 9-18-20, with a special meal that includes apples and honey to signify a sweet new year. 3- The traditional bread for Rosh Hashana is a round challah (instead of the long braided one) to signify that doing [...]

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9-11: The Significance of Death

9-11. Two numbers can conjure such emotion. Today, I am attending a graveside funeral for a friend. Death is inevitable and reminds us we are mortal. I challenge you to think about how you end things, whether it’s a meal, a day, a relationship. The way you handle endings is a good marker for how [...]

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Hearing vs Listening: What’s the Difference?

Is there a difference between hearing and listening? When someone says, ‘Hear me out,’ do they really want you to just hear them? Or, are they looking for something more? Hearing is a simple act. Listening is an essential part of hearing. When a teacher asks, ‘Are you listening?’ they are seeking more than just [...]

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Labor Day: Is Your Work Meaningful and Satisfying?

Labor Day celebrates workers who have contributed to the strength, prosperity and well-being of our country. This is a good day to consider how you balance work which makes money with work you love. During the pandemic, my work as a motivational speaker came to a halt. One of the calls for work I received [...]

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Making Jewish Holidays Relevant for Children: Rosh Hashana

Recalling my Jewish day school years, I frequently felt shamed by my inability to thoroughly understand the content from the Book Of The Prophets or the study of Talmud. I struggled through Jewish study classes taught mostly in Hebrew. When there was a time constraint, my Hebrew teacher would skip over me because I took [...]

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Rosh Hashana with Eva: Video For Young Families

My income vanished during Covid. As a motivational speaker, most organizations weren’t comfortable replacing a keynote presentation with a virtual one. Hunkered down at home, I got creative. In my past career, I supplemented income teaching in a Hebrew school, making those old biblical stories come to life providing meaning for Jewish children today. Around [...]

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Keynote Speaker Stories Part 9: Laughter Is Medicine

“The name of the game is calories.” Dr. Vigneri, my radiation oncologist, informed me. “Forget what you’ve learned about healthy eating. I don’t care how you get those calories. Bulk up. I guarantee you will lose weight and you don’t have much to lose. Milkshakes with every meal. All the Haagen Daaz you can eat!” [...]

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