Talk4Hope Family Book Series

Talk 4 Hope

Eva created the Talk4Hope Family Book Series to celebrate her 10 year cancer-free anniversary. These books are written to help children understand cancer, learn skills to deal with their fears and communicate their feelings with family members.

♥ Don’t ‘hide’ a cancer diagnosis from children…‘Seek’ out the Talk4Hope Family Book Series!


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‘Mr. C the Globetrotter’

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Meet Mr. C, a cancer cell, up close and personal, as he visits countries around the globe. He introduces readers to children who have a family member with cancer. Each child shares his or her name, it’s meaning, and how they’ve been coping since Mr. C came to visit. Readers are empowered with ways to help themselves and others.

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Mr. C the Globetrotter, Talk4Hope Children’s book

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‘Mr. C Plays Hide & Seek’

Mr. C Plays Hide & Seek
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Cancer is universal and itʼs important for children to understand what the ʻCʼ word means. ‘Mr. C Plays Hide and Seek’ answers the question, “What is Cancer?” Children will be empowered with information and parents will find language to answer questions appropriately. Through vibrant photos and endearing illustrations, readers understand the life of cancer from the charming Mr. C himself.

* Makes cancer less scary for children
* Offers tools for coping and communication
* Empowers children to deal with their feelings

Bulk orders of 1,000 books or more include a personalized page at the front of each book with your company or organization name, logo, and other information at a discounted price.

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Order your copies now: Only $4.95 and FREE shipping

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Mr. C Plays Hide & Seek

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