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Upcoming events and talks are listed below. Previous engagements can be found here.

Date City Venue
08/29/17 Santa Monica, CA Santa Monica Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
09/26/17 Oxnard, CA Sunny Smiles Dentistry CE Event
09/27/17 Lompoc, CA Ocean Oral Surgery CE Event
09/28/17 Redondo Beach, CA Redondo Oral Surgery CE Event
10/06/17 Georgetown, TX TDHA Texas-Sized CE Weekend
10/13/17 Phoenix, AZ Southwest Oral Surgery CE Event
11/10/17 Orlando, FL Carestream Global Oral Health Summit
11/11/17 Las Vegas, NV The Best Seminar Ever
01/26/18 - 01/27/18 Boston, MA Yankee Dental Congress
02/03/18 Birmingham, AL Alabama Dental Alumni Weekend
02/22/18 Chicago, IL American Equilibrium Society Annual Scientific Session
02/24/18 Chicago, IL Chicago Midwinter Meeting

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