Interactive Storytelling: Creating an Emotional Connection

Emotion is essential to learning. I figured this out in 1987 (almost 20 years ago) when my part-time job was teaching biblical stories in an after-school program while pursuing a career as an actress on Broadway. The curriculum was top-notch. However, each and every week, when asking students to recall the story I told the [...]

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Hook Audiences with Choice Words: Eliminate These Fifteen

When I first started lecturing, my manager would notate how many times I used the word 'um,' 'and' or some other filler. I didn't believe her when she told me I was upwards of 30 'ums' in a one-hour speech. At my next lecture, I began to hear myself use the fillers. As my transitions [...]

Do You Yell At Work or At Home? Learn Vocal Hygiene

  I am guilty of misusing my voice. I'm not a sports coach; I don't teach a large exercise class; When I lecture, I always use a microphone. However, from as long ago as I can remember, I was always being told, 'lower your voice.' I never hit my children, but I would yell. Radiation [...]

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What to say to a friend who is sick: Show Empathy

A friend is sick....what to say in a card, when you call, in person? How do you show empathy?   “If you need anything, call me. And if you don’t call me, I promise I’ll call you. And I’ll keep calling,” – bestguess, N.Y. “Don’t feel like talking? Me either. Let’s sit here and not [...]

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A Three-Minute Speech: Evoke Emotion and Impart Wisdom

My three minutes of podium time was preceded with an introduction by CNN anchor Chris Cuomo. His introduction was about the power of story, and specifically my expertise on the subject. He didn't just do research on me. He admitted to me that he was aware of my work years ago. I was surprised to [...]

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Imagery and Story: A Memorable Message

At the St Barnabas Hospital Survivorship event at which I was the keynote speaker, I sat next to the Reverend Dr. Valerie Griffin who gave the convocation.  After hearing my talk that included some messages about faith, she wished me a happy new year (Jewish).  She told me at the hospital, the shofar was sounded. [...]

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Speaker Hoarseness: Vocal Hygiene

My frequent hoarseness drove me to see a specialist to rule out cancer with a laryngoscopy. Then, I had 8 sessions with a speech pathologist who specialized in 'Vocal Hygiene,' (I love that title) for preservation and healthy maintenance of the voice. My hoarseness improved even on days when I went in with a hoarse [...]

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What does HOPE mean? Not necessarily ‘a CURE.’

If you ask a cancer survivor what HOPE means to them, their answer may not necessarily be 'a CURE.' It may be 'feeling well enough to attend a family event in two months,' or 'accomplish a task within the week', or  'have a pain-free moment'. After my presentation at Grand Rounds, I had a tour [...]

What To Say: To A Cancer Survivor

So many people have said to me, “You look fantastic!” Why focus on how I look? You probably have little idea about my quality of life compromises that you cannot see on the outside. For me, I had bilateral vocal chord polyps and nodules, basal cell carcinoma in my radiated field, ringing in my ears, [...]

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Humanity is Abundant

“I am lucky enough to have a front row seat for Humanitarian Acts,” proclaimed my new friend Ida Huneault who chaired the dental hygiene conference in Ottawa at which I was the keynote speaker. Her 15 year old son Tyler Huneault has Sialidosis, a very rare enzyme disorder from which few children survive more than [...]

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