Eva Grayzel—International Motivational Speaker

You’re a young parent, a nationally-recognized performance artist and you’ve just been handed a virtual death sentence. What do you do next?

You gather your courage (and some you didn’t know you had) … you fight … you suffer … you persevere … you triumph. Then, you reach out to support others … you speak about the experience … and you inspire countless lives.

Today, Eva delivers speeches and programs around the world focused on motivating, inspiring and changing the way people think about their health, their lives and their careers. She shares with audiences how:

  • persevering promotes success
  • instilling passion revives your work and life
  • giving back empowers you
  • facing challenges turns adversity into opportunity

Charismatic Speaker. Powerful Performer. Unique Storyteller.

HeadshotHuman beings are storytellers … it’s how we communicate. Stories are engaging. Stories connect us on an emotional level. Stories make us FEEL.

Eva is a rare gem that represents all three key aspects of a great speaker. She shares heart-felt stories, has a strong stage presence and provides relevant messages. She will have your audience forgetting about the clock on the wall.

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‘Eva’s story and recovery are epic –she changes your life with her words, empowering listeners with her perspective on philanthropy, parenting and work/life balance.’
Michelle Giletto, Member
Ewomen Network
‘Through uniquely interactive folklore and personal story overcoming adversity, Eva’s passionate plea to embrace ‘goodness’ in life mesmerized us.’
Stephen Cummings, Florida District Chair
Kiwanis International
‘The desire to support the development of our projects have been further reinforced by Eva’s powerful passionate presentations and her clarity of purpose.’
Global Commercial Leader
Fortune 500 Company, Thousand Oaks CA
‘Eva spins tales evoking laughter while sharing heartfelt insight into the human condition.’
Lana Bogan, Licensed Clinical Therapist
Fisk University, Nashville TN
‘Eva’s sensitivity and tremendous skill to reach out to children of all levels of ability, gives an experience of inclusion and success, while providing valuable life lessons.’
Barbara Firestone, Ph.D., CEO
The Help Group, Santa Monica CA
“Eva Grayzel delivers a powerful wake-up call for healthcare providers worldwide through the riveting story of her own survival from cancer against all odds. She offers magnificent inspiration for patients and healthcare workers alike.”
Daniel L. Kopp, M.D., Chief Medical Officer
Faxton St. Luke's Healthcare, Utica NY

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